If a picture paints a thousand words imagine the possibilities with film


Specialising in Instructional/assembly videos, "About Us" films and customer testimonials.

Instructional/Assembly Video's - With a wealth of knowledge across many industries and a practical hands on approach enabling me to see the product through the customers eyes. Assembly videos offer confirmation to the quality of a product and the ease of installation creating confidence in your brand and product.  They also benefit your business by reducing the number of post sales queries, allowing the customer to self serve.

Staff Training Videos - Offer a consistent message that is delivered the same every time you are training a new recruit. This consistency of the message and the ability for staff members to access this again and again improves productivity and reduces training costs.

About Us Video's - For your message to work the story of your product or service needs to be written well before the cameras roll.  Our passion for listening and finding the heart of the story drives us to producing the best promotional video for your business.

Customer Testimonials - The best people to sell your product or service are your own 'delighted' customers.  Give your new prospects confidence in your business by letting them see and hear real customer reviews.